Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Violinist

I just wanted to share some pictures of Kate at her spring Orchestra concert. I'm so proud of her for sticking it out this year and working to learn the violin. She has done so well and really enjoys playing. She has chosen to keep it up and continue in Orchestra as her elective for 6th grade as well.

I think it suits her so well. She's very detailed and studious and enjoys practicing the music. Sometimes the practice gets a little... well....frustrating inside the house, but anyone who has a child that plays an instrument knows that practice is a must.

This also leads to me to point out another advantage of Midway Schools. Kate has been able to learn her violin and get excellent instruction at school during classroom hours. We have had to pay for no outside lessons, and her concert was actually impressive for first year Orchestra students. It was delightful. Yeah Midway!!

Keep up the good work, Kate.