Monday, May 24, 2010

All in a days work....

I was going over some old post that weren't published and found this one from May. As I wrote below... I forgot this day already. So glad I wrote about it. It even made me laugh:)

So today I woke up knowing it was gonna be an interesting one. We had a terribly busy weekend with 13 soccer games total, 2 birthday parties, a couple of sleepovers and church, so I was already on overdrive. I know these days are few compared to the span of a lifetime, but I remind myself that if I don't write about these days, I risk never remembering them... would that be bad?? I'm just not quite sure?

This morning started as normal. Hollering throughout the house for the kids to get up, making their breakfast, hearing a few complaints about who doesn't like the juice or the breakfast I cooked. You know, the normal kid complaints. I see that Cort has his clothes on, but notice that Cort he doesnt have his socks or shoes on. Well, that's just great.. His response.. I forgot. It's about 7:33. The bus arrives promptly at 7:34. Rush around.. the bus waits.. Cort gets his shoes on.. the elementary students are on the bus.. Yeah!

Next I drive Kate to school. It's a pretty uneventful drive. Stop at Walmart to purchase gas for the Excursion. Some kind men offer to pump my gas. No thank you.. I'm fine.. Very nice gesture though. Finish the gas pumping to arrive home and help Chad finish packing for his 3 day trip to Philadelphia. Thirty minutes later.. he's gone.. I'm officially on my own.

I go to wake up Clayton and .. yep... tee tee smell in his room, but I don't find tee tee... Strange. He eventually gets up, admits that he did wet his bed, but did so at the foot of the bed because he just couldnt make it to the potty in time. Sheets, comforter, mattress pad off the bed and in the washer. Just as a side note.. the sheets had only been on the bed for a total of 9 hours. AND.. yes, its the top bunk. Yeah Me!

Clayton and I make it through a pretty uneventful morning. I attend my step class at the Y, I take Clayton to a birthday party, and then I join Kate for lunch at Midway Intermediate. Definitely a highlight of the day... well, except for the part where I embarrassed her to death by taking her friends pictures for the yearbook.. but anyway.. Love those girls!

After a few work phone calls that are kind of high maintenance and dealing with my iphone that has unexplainably quit sending email, it's time to get the kids from school.

I have my carpool, arrive home to get Caroline to head to the gym and sure enough.. now the Excursion won't start again. Oh yeah! Chad's gone, no family in town and my car won't start. I call the shop that gladly took our $800 just 3 days before for a new alternator and 2 batteries and they're on their way over. Now this is where it gets fun... The man who came over drove a car that said KENDRICK Tire and BATTERY. This is important because he comments to me as he leaves that he's not real good with the battery belonging in a Diesel. Well... Yeah... He's clueless and I just paid him money!So much for my Tire and Battery Guy. He realizes he didn't tighten an important part 3 days ago. He does it, it starts and off I go.

Caroline gets to gym... late.. but there... I make it to Kate's dance while Cort is at soccer practice and poor Clayton is just riding along. After some Take Out dinner from Fazolis, showers for everyone and lots of spelling word call outs, vocab reviews for grades 6,4 and 1,and a large sibling brawl because a boy used the girls' bathroom, the house is quiet. I now go to lay in my bed only to find 3 of my four kids in there since Dad is out of town. Oh well.. this just means one of their beds is free for me. I need it after this day.