Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another First

Today Caroline got her first pair of glasses. That makes her the first of our children to need them. Hopefully, maybe, the only.

The school nurse sent a note home last week saying that Caroline struggled on the school eye test, so off I went to the optometrist to find out that the trusty school nurse is completely correct. My baby needs glasses.

I just wanted to share a picture of her proudly wearing them. I think they're precious on her. When she first wore them she said out loud, "Wow! Is this what everything is suppose to look like?" How exciting to finally be able to see things with clarity. I completely understand her as I have terrible vision and wear contacts myself... so here's my new glasses cutie!( by the way, YES, that is my Christmas tree put up and decorated behind her)

I also wanted to share some other pics. This is the sweet little Thanksgiving Feast that the Kindergarteners had at the Elementary school. Cort was a darling little Indian Chief wearing feathers he had earned during the week. He was so proud.

I also wanted to share my favorite picture from Caroline's last meet of the season! It was this weekend in Fort Worth. She did a fantastic job and completed a great season. Now, we can take some deep breaths and enjoy some free weekends until next season!

So, now that the gymnastics season is complete, the glasses are purchased, the Kindergarten feast is all done... it's time for me to start packing because FOUR more days until we take the crew to the "World"... Hello, Mickey...

I hope all of my blogging buddies have a fantastic Christ filled Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lead Me On, BABY!

Last night was FANTASTIC for me. I had the outstanding opportunity to enjoy a blast from the past and go with my sweet girlfriends to see Amy Grant and her Lead Me On tour with NO song played that was written after 1988! It was AWESOME. If you know anything about me you know that I LOVE Amy Grant.

If I died and could come back as anyone, it would be Amy Grant. In high school I used to try to make my hair look like hers. And I've always been proud to be an alto, just like Amy. I wanted to be her, people! Yes, I know.. She's a Christian artist who's been divorced. I DON'T care and you shouldn't either. Move past it. Be happy for her and Vince and get over it.

Anyway, last night was so wonderful for me. She sang songs that will always be favorites.. Stay for Awile, Saved by Love, El Shaddi, Father's Eyes, Love will Find A Way, Lead Me On... just the goodies.

Growing up in a small baptist church anyone was allowed to sing the Sunday Anthem. I can not tell you how many times I've heard the gorgeous song, El Shaddi butchered. It doesn't matter...I can think past those awful times and still LOVE to hear it sung by my Amy.

Unfortunantely, I've never had the opportunity to meet her, and that's okay with me. Sometimes it's better not to know more than necessary about the person that's been allowed a special place in your heart. But, last night myself and about 700 other Amy fans enjoyed 2 hours of our favorites in a show that I'll never forget. Thanks, Chad for the ticket and thanks to my girlfriends that were willing to go with me. Lead Me On, Baby!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please Pray

Friends and Fellow Bloggers-
I'm asking you to please pray for my precious little nephew, Reese Dean. He's 3 1/2 and has been complaining of a backache. His Daddy, my brother, Kyle, is a physician so of course he's been checking out his complaints, but was not real worried about it.

My sister in law, Debbie, took him to his pediatrician where she did routine Xrays and a CAT scan. They saw some spots on Reese's spine that are suspicious and could be quite serious. They arranged for an MRI for December, but the doctor felt it was important that Reese do the MRI right away.

He is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow morning at 6:30 in Baton Rouge. He will have to be put to sleep for the test. PLEASE join me in praying that Reese has no signs of anything serious and that he will get a fantastic, clean report tomorrow. Thank you ALL..

Praise the Lord! HE is the great physician.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kate and Caroline!

Today is such a special day for me. Both of my girls were born on November 5th. The first cool air of fall always reminds me of the sweet days I brought my fall babies home. I will never forget the moment Kate was born. Being my first baby I was absolutely awestruck at the process of giving birth and how amazing God is to have come up with a plan so sweet.

I remember 11 years ago holding my little 8 lbs 13 oz Kate and being on cloud nine because I had a baby girl. Her delivery was the least painful of the four. I had the best epidural of the four too, but I did have trouble right after she was born. I'm not sure what it's called, but my uterus wouldn't contract back by itself and I had too much blood loss which caused me to feel extremely weak for quite a while after her birth. But, all in all, her delivery was fantastic!

Then, two precious years later, my little 7 lb 5 oz Caroline was born. I remember the whole experience feeling like deja vu. We parked in the same parking space, had the same birthing room and Kate was born at 5:34 and Caroline at 4:34. It was just too wierd.

I was THRILLED to have two girls so close together. I remember Caroline's delivery as being the most painful of the four. I was not as impressed with the epidural guy that worked the day she was born. Something just didn't take quite right, but none the less, I had my sweet Caroline.

I wanted to post some pictures of Kate's 2nd birthday party that took place on my hospital bed at Hillcrest the day Caroline was born. It was a precious moment.

It's an interesting thing having my girls share their birthday. My sister and I also share a birthday 2 years apart. It's a very special bond that my sister and I have. I can't stand to be apart from her on our birthday. It just makes me feel like a part of me is missing. So far, my girls have sometimes complained about sharing a birthday, but all in all, I think they wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Birthday, Girls!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Chaos

I can't believe I survived this weekend. It was just crazy. It has caused me to really think about what we are doing to ourselves by living by this chaotic schedule.

Friday the kids got out of school all hyped up and ready to go for Halloween. Caroline had gymnastics, as she does every Friday, from 4:00- 6:00. Her Halloween party with her team started at 5:00. She was Dorothy and insisted that I be there with Todo aka T bone (our new Yorkie) as part of her costume for the party.

Of course, we left there at 6:00 and met our fantastic neighbors for a round of trick or treating in the neighborhood. After about an hour the kids decided they were tired and hungry and wanted to call it quits. So, we headed to Whataburger for a very nutritious dinner and then home.

Saturday was just crazy. Chad was giving a financial workshop from 10:00 -2:00 and Caroline had her district meet in Weatherford at 12:45. Kate had 2 birthday parties, so she decided she wanted to stay in Waco. So, Friday night she slept over with her BFF, went to the Baylor Homecoming Parade and got to her Birthday parties.

Caroline and I dropped the boys off at Nana's on the way to the meet.. which, by the way, Caroline ROCKED! She received first place on bars and fourth place all around with a 36.925. OUTSTANDING.. This places her in the gold division for state which is a tremendous accomplishment.. Anyway.. Nana kindly offered the keep the boys overnight so Chad and I could go out with our friends for our annual anniversary celebration which I was rushing home for after a LONG meet.

With Kate at a slumber party and the boys at Nana's, this left just Caroline with us. Chad and I decided that having a night out alone was a rarity and decided to pawn little Caroline off on the Stevens. Imagine their delight when Caroline showed up with her overnight bag.. :) I started to leave her and she leaned down and whispered... "Mrs. Stevens didn't know I was sleeping over". Oh.. dear.. Sorry! I guess I didn't specify that we wondered if Caroline could stay for the WHOLE night. Thank you, Kim! I owe you!

Saturday night was a fantastic time of fellowship and food with good friends.So, on Sunday when the alarm went off on what should have been a luxurious sleep one hour later day with NO kids to dress for church Chad says.. " Why are you so crabby already?" Then I began explaining what Sunday entailed that was making me so crabby.

I was scheduled to be on Praise Team, which means a 8:30 arrival. After church I would have to leave early to go meet Nana with the boys in Hillsboro, drive straight to Caroline's soccer party, which Chad was IN CHARGE of.. Burgers, Hot Dogs, Grill, Tomatoes, Ice,... all of it. And immediately after the soccer party was lifegroup at OUR house at 4:30 - 6:00. Then, to top the lovely day off, Caroline has a school project due tomorrow. Somehow in all of this chaos I have to figure out how to make a freestanding Ben Franklin out of a dried out apple head.

So, it's Sunday night 10:24. It all got done... I even worked in an hour workout tonight just to help me stay sane, but it was stressful.

Now, I get to look forward to doing it all over again next weekend. Two girls in a soccer tournament, both girls birthday parties at MY house, and the children's musical at church!

I LOVE this crazy life and I wouldn't know what to do without it, but sometimes a boring weekend would be GREAT!