Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heart of a Child

This morning as I was getting Cort ready for school, I was talking to him about his Awanas for tonight. We were covering what jewels he's earned and what he still needs to do. One of the requirements is for the club members to bring a friend to Awanas. Well, this is impossible for me because my cup runneth over with children on Wednesday nights. So, the alternative is to pray for a friend.

So, this morning I told Cort that we need to pray for a friend.. anyone. He stood there for a short minute and said, "I'd like to pray for Thomas." I know he doesnt have a friend named Thomas at school, church, baseball... anywhere... Don't know Thomas. I say "Are you sure Cort?"... he's sure... we pray for Thomas.. who we don't know.

About 3 minutes passes.. he's eating his breakfast, I pick up my iphone and check my email. I get an email from Gary Rhodes, and read it aloud to Chad as he's standing right next to Cort. It reads like this:

Dear Choir,
I am very saddened to give you the tragic news that Jolie Gant was killed in a car accident yesterday. Please pray for her son, Thomas as he has lost his mother."


Cort is listening and says... "Did you just say, Thomas?" I was so distracted by the terrible news, that I didn't even hear the child's name. But, my 6 year old son did. He looked at me with the... see Mom... look.. Just so sure of his decision to pray for Thomas.

Cort has never met Jolie Gant, a fellow alto in choir and friend, nor does he know Thomas, as Thomas is much older than he. Some would say this was just a coincidence. I would like to believe that my Lord, who is amazing, can speak through the heart of a child and place another on his heart to pray for.

Amazing Morning!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cort's First Baseball Game

If you've known Cort very long, you know that his LOVE is sports. He has has a glove and ball in his hand since he could walk... and I'm not exaggerating. He has spent countless hours having his Daddy "throw" to him from the couch. SO.... Cort FINALLY being able to play REAL baseball has been a huge deal! Sure, he's played tball, but according to Cort.. that was no challenge. So, I thought I'd have to mark the moment where Cort had his FIRST REAL game!

This would be my son excited after he just got someone out at first base. He loved playing first base for his first game!

This is Cort getting a good solid base hit on his very first pitch on his first at bat... Can you tell I'm just a little proud?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter with the Castles

This was Easter Sunday after church. We don't have any pictures as a whole family because Daddy was serving at the church before and after service. There was a lot to be done!

This was the Lifegroup Easter Egg Hunt at our house!

More Easter morning pictures! It was a beautiful service and a fun day!

We took the kids to The Embassy Suites next to the Dallas Galleria on Good Friday night. The kids LOVE that hotel. The hotel ran a special for the night. We enjoyed it very much because all of the suites offer a seperate room for mom and dad, a nice indoor pool/ hot tub, a made to order breakfast, and two huge flatscreen tvs.. The main event is the gorgeous swans that swim around the hotel. We LOVE watching them.
We also took the girls to American Girl Doll store at the Galleria. I'm so thrilled that my 11 year old still wants to go to the doll store.

This was Cort's first time to ice skate... watch the video.. he says... I'm gonna fall, Daddy! So cute....