Monday, April 19, 2010

My Son is an Addict

It's true.. It really is. My son, Cort Castle.. age 7, is a sports addict. I am not exaggerating or making anything seem more intense than it is. It's just the cold hard truth.

We live at 371 Broughton. If you are familiar with Waco and have a boy ages 6-12, then you realize what kind of problem this address is for an addict.... a sports addict that is. We live about 7 houses down from the little league ball fields. We can't drive past and have ANYONE out there playing without my son BEGGING to be sitting there in the stands watching every ball pitched. We have had him in bed before and heard him upset because he can hear the ding of the bat and the shouts of the game, and just can't stand it that he's in bed while other boys are out pitching, catching and just playing the ball.

Recently we drove past the fields where he saw his friend and his dad using the batting cages and having a little batting practice. This immediately resulted in phone calls to dad.. "Daddy.. where are you? When are you going to be home? Other kids are practicing ball.. hurry up and come get me and take me to play." It's constant. He walks straight in from school and puts on whatever uniform he's playing in that night. Forget that the game is 3 hours later, we gotta be ready.

Currently my son plays soccer and baseball and he participates in a karate class. In the winter he plays basketball. He doesn't just PLAY these sports, he lives and breathes them. Honestly, it scares me. He wakes up.. walks in the kitchen and says what do I get to play today. And GOD HELP ME if it rains!!! A rainout results in about half a days worth of breakdown and then eventually leads to dad taking him out to the Y to shoot baskets, or the indoor batting cages just to get some game in.

Just tonight he talked his dad into taking him down to watch a game. As they were sitting there watching he says to Chad, " You're the best dad ever. Thank you so much for taking me to watch the game." Makes it hard to say no.

He's recently started asking me to play football in the fall. Now, I've kind of had to put my foot down on that one. I'm just not into watching my son get tackled all over the field and worrying that he'll never use his legs the same way again. But, somehow I think he and his dad will win out on this one...just as they have with the four other sports he plays.
On that note.. I think I have some uniforms to wash.