Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cotillion.. Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

The past six weeks Kate participated in Waco's Annual Cotillion Classes. If you are not familiar with Cotillion, it's a etiquette class for boys and girls that meets on Tuesdays for an hour and teaches 4th - 7th graders proper etiquette in social situations. It was a time for Kate to practice the polite way to address adults, and how to accept an invitation from a young man to dance.

Kate griped and argued about having to go. Most Tuesdays turned into some sort of argument about what dress she HAD to wear, why she had to fix her hair, how unfair it is that she had to go do something so ridiculous. But for Chad and me.. it's just something she needed to do. Most of her friends in Midway were also signed up, so how bad could it possibly be?

Several of the Tuesday classes were theme days. There was 50's Day sock hop, Western Day and this past Tuesday was Father/ Daughter... Mother/Son Day. Chad took her and was able to get some fantastic video for me. And well, it's just plain funny. I couldn't upload the videos because apparantly they are too long, but boy, have I gotten a good chuckle over what these cute little awkward preteens did at Cotillion.

My sweet little Kate is about a head taller than all the little boys there. I'm sure that had to be fun! Oh well, it's over for little Kate and I'm sure it's an experience she'll always have fond memories of.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cort and the Harlem Globetrotters

I'm posting an email my hubby sent out to his business email recipients. Since he was actually there and I WASN'T :(.. I figure his story will be more accurate. It's so much FUN!

Ok, I can't resist. These emails are normally reserved for more economic and/or financial information but please let this father have his moment.

Last night my son, Cort, and I were graciously invited to watch the Harlem Globetrotters at the Ferrell Center at Baylor. Our court side tickets were courtesy of our good friends David Ridley and Robert West with KWTX News Channel 10.

The whole production was a great deal of fun and the crowd was much larger than I had anticipated. Throughout the game the Globetrotters would play tricks on the referrees and with folks in the audience. The entire length of the game Cort kept saying, "Daddy, why can't I go on the court with the other kids?" Well, he got his chance.

With less than 5 minutes to play in the game "Big Easy" came to our side fo the floor, pointed to Cort, and asked him if he would come on down and take a shot for him. Cort looked at me and I said, "Go make a basket!" He pops from his seat and makes his way onto the floor.

"Big Easy" gave Cort the ball midway between the free throw line and the base line. The ref calls timeout and questions "Big Easy" as to whom this child belongs to. "Big Easy" responds by saying that Cort is his son, and can't he see the family resemblance. Then "Big Easy" hands Cort the ball and tells him to take a shot. What follows next makes this father really proud.

Cort shoots. Cort scores. The crowd erupts with cheering. Then, with no prompting, Cort begins to dance a little jig that includeds the following: his fingers pointing in the air, high stepping, heel kicking, and booty shaking. Needless to say, the Globetrotters, and the crowd, broke into laughter and began to dance right along with him. Hillarious!!

Fortunately I have pics of the whole affair. Take a look at the below link to the picture section of the Globetrotter website. Just above the first pic of Cort you will see where you can scroll thru pics 68 - 81.

Thank you for letting me brag a little bit.