Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 guilty pleasures

1- Sunbathing- I know I shouldn't because I have had precancerous spots removed before, but it is so relaxing.

2- Tater Tots- I LOVE Sonic tater tots. I have been on my own little weight loss "program" for some time now, and somehow tater tots always seem to make it on my menu. Not on purpose, but OH they are so good.

3- Date nights- I just crave time alone with my spouse. Of course because I enjoy being with him, but also because it is one night we can eat in peace and quiet. I LOVE it.

4- Chocolate Chips- I just love to eat chocolate chips straight out of the bag. It doesn't seem to make me feel as guilty as eating a candy bar would.

5- Hair Appts.- Getting my hair done is always something I look forward to. It is so nice to leave with no split ends and no gray hair.

6- Going to bed early just to watch tv- I am usually the last one up, but sometimes ( maybe 3 times a year) I just go into my room turn on something that takes no thought from me and just lay there alone and watch tv in peace.

7- Compass Trading Co. - If you have not been there, you MUST go. There are more beads than you will ever see in your life. It's Waco's own Sam Moon.

8- Debit Card- I used to HATE writing checks. Now, thanks to my hubby who so kindly stays on top of the bank statements, I just swipe the debit card while I'm holding a screaming child hollering for M & Ms and I'm outta there! Which brings me to....

9- Shopping- Who DOESNT love shopping? I LOVE to go look for clothes. I am very budget minded, so it doesnt happen too often, but I am glad when I find the bargain.OF course, it's not a guilty pleasure if it includes my kids coming along begging for things!

10- Eating out- I'm always glad to go out to eat. It keeps me from having to cook.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Go Girls Go!

Woodway Elementary Field Day at Midway High School.

I LOVE that my girls are athletic and love to compete. They pour their heart and soul into field day.

Kate was the fastest girl in her class and was chosen to be the anchor leg in the four person relay for her class.

This little guy seems to really like Kate. For now, I am sure they are just sweet friends.

Caroline insisted on wearing her "fast" shoes and her "fast" shorts.

Mrs. Metz 2nd Grade class won 2nd place. Should have had first, but one team had fewer students and kept letting their fast kids run twice.

Even Clayton enjoyed field day!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tired of these faces!

Someone please tell me.. What DO kids eat? Are my kids the only ones making faces when I try to offer them something new?

Tonight I made a pork tenderloin, which, by the way, was incredibly moist and delicious, sweet potatoes, and watermelon. My kids turn their nose up at it and act like I'm asking them to eat gizzards. Or asking them to eat what I'm eating.. SALAD.

One thing I ALWAYS said I'd never do is allow my kids to be picky. I watched my niece grow up on chicken nuggets and Macaroni and swore that would never be my kid..My kid would eat what I prepared, by golly! Now because they had been at school all day, run errands this afternoon, gone to a program at school, then a tball game, and it is late and everyone is starved I forget that promise to myself, tell myself that I can't stand for them to be hungry, and allow them to make something they WILL eat. So, after all that planning and cooking my kids end up eating flour tortillas with butter and honey.

My children don't have a weight problem, and a couple of them could stand to put on a couple of pounds,so I'm lenient tonight. I realize that they're not going to be proving the childhood obesity statistics true anytime soon.

But, I can't help but remember when my kids were babies, and sweet potatoes were their favorite baby food. They'd eat the whole large jar dry. So, I ask you.. what suddenly happens that makes a child, once he or she turns 2,turn away from veggies and most meats, make awful faces, and only agree to macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, PB & J,hot dogs, or in my case tonight... flour tortillas? Where did I go wrong?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Vacation Plans

A couple of my fellow bloggers have been writing about their summer plans, which inspired me to discuss our upcoming vacation. I can not call this our "summer" vacation, because we are going in the fall. But, because of the sheer expense of visiting Mickey world, we've forgone any big plans for this summer to concede to our kids' dream to spend a week hoping to get a glimpse of Mickey!

We're leaving on Thanksgiving Day and staying through the next week. Yep.. it's 6 months out and I've already got our plane reservations (we were worried about airfare rising), our accomodations booked (family suites on Disney property fill very quickly) and I'm trying to work through making meal reservations!

If you've ever done the Disney thing, then you know the effort you have to go through to make sure you get the "full" Disney experience. Should you go to Hoopty Doo, Chef Mickey's , Breakfast with Cinderella, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party??? How much is too much to do with four kids ages 10 -2 in a single day? Or, is it possible to do too much at Disney??

I've already read the "Unofficial Guide to Disney" and am aware of . These sights have been helpful and almost are information overload.

I'm opening this post to anyone who has any kind of advice for what to do or not to do at Disney. I'd love to accept any tips and welcome the opportunity to learn from those of you who have already undergone this ridiculously expensive endeavor!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

View the Waco, Hewitt, Woodway MLS

Viewing homes for sale in our area is fun! The internet has made it easier than EVER. You just never know when you might see your "perfect home", take the plunge, and move.

Some of you may not know that you can view the MLS listings for all of Waco and surrounding areas just by visiting my Keller Williams Website. . Simply click on Property Search, click on Waco MLS, and enter your critieria. On my website, you will NOT be required to enter your personal information or anything like that. Just have fun and search the area.


The pictures above are of a fantastic home I currently have listed in Hewitt, Tx. It is a new home having been built in 2005. It is a 4 bedroom 2 bath home in the new Chapman Farms addition. For those of you who do not know, Chapman Farms is in a prime, growing location in Hewitt. With the new Hillcrest Hospital opening up, it is the perfect place to be.

This home has gorgeous stained concrete floors. This technique with flooring has become very popular and makes for a very attractive home. The kitchen is also fantastic. It has all of the newest features and the newest designs.

The floorplan offers an isolated master bedroom with a large master bath that offers a whirlpool tub, as well as a separate shower. It's just perfect for the growing family. With Midway ISD as the school district and more specifically Spring Valley Elementary as the grade school, it boasts an excellent educational experience for kids.

This house is very fairly priced at 169,900. This makes it the best bargain currently for sale in that neighborhood. If you'd like to see more information about it, visit my website. .