Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Daddy just turned 39 on Sunday. One more year, Honey! For his birthday his mom came down. We went to Ninfas and to Ritchies to let him pick out some Cowboy boots. He got some gorgeous boots that he's so proud of. After a little monster cake and a few other gifts, we called it a day and celebrated Daddy. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Cort's First Football Game

As if Cort needs another sport... he's decided to play football. I was just a little too apprehensive to let him play tackle so young, so we went with flag football at the Woodway Family Center. He LOVES it! Tonight was his first game.

His team, The Cobras, played The Longhorns and won 12 to 8. Cort scored a touchdown which was so fun to watch. He ran around... cut back.. and in the end zone he went. After that he did a little celebrating in the end zone, of course. He also came very close to intercepting a pass and made some really great blocks for his teammate to score another touchdown. Needless to say, he was pretty excited and has found yet another sport that he just can't live without. Looks like we're adding another to the schedule.

Just moments after his football game he asked to go out to where his baseball team was playing and cheer them on for the remainder of the game. They won 7 to 5.. at which time Cort said.. well... it looks like the Tigers can win without me :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Boys First Major League Game

This year for father's day I decided to surprise both my dad and Chad with 4 tickets to see the Chicago Cubs play the Houston Astros. This was a little selfish on my part because it ensured a visit with my parents.

Mom and Dad met us in Kemah, Tx where we spent the night at the Boardwalk Inn, then traveled over to Houston for the Astros Game the next day. The guys went to the game while the girls shopped. It was a perfect match for all of us.

Clayton even got a game ball. He was so cute and SOoO excited.

Playa Del Carmen 2010

So while I'm playing catch up, I'm just going to write about the fabulous trip Chad and I took to Playa Del Carmen this summer.

We figured out early this year that all four kids were going to be at camp over the same week. Chata was sweet enough to keep the boys all week while they attended day camp, and the girls were going to Preteen camp with church. This was so exciting that Chad decided to plan us a surprise trip. He didn't tell me where we were going, just that we were in fact going somewhere. Well, I was PUMPED! We were going somewhere alone for 4 nights. It was fantastic, and a great time together.

We were a little nervous as a large tropical storm was over the whole coast where we were headed, but we boarded a plane to Cancun anyway, then took a shuttle to our resort in Playa Del Carmen. We stayed at a gorgeous all inclusive resort called The Royal. OH.. it was fantastic. The food was delicious and Chad even reserved us the Jacuzzi suite which had a spectacular view. The hotel even offered us the Anniversary specials which included champagne and strawberries in our room as well as other pastries and flowers throughout our stay. (We were celebrating our Anniversary early )

While we were there we took at snorkeling excursion where we snorkeled through a cave and also in small bodies of water. It was gorgeous and something out of a picture book. We met some really fun people. We felt old since most of them were honeymooners, but hey.. we out swam all of them :)

The restaurants at the resort were delicious. So good that we were often too full to eat the next meal. One of our favorites was the Italian place. The Salmon was out of this world! Honestly, they were all good. I think the best part was just sitting across the table tooking at each other each night.

One thing great about Playa was the little shopping town that was walking distance from the resort. It was a fun place to go looking and hanging out.. although Chad was approached and asked if he wanted Grass or Girls.. WITH ME STANDING RIGHT THERE!

Oh.. such a gorgeous place that I pray we will return back to soon! Thank you, Baby.. for the great trip. Love you:)

Catch up and Clayton's First Soccer Game

Well, this is just embarrassing. I have not written in so long, and I've just decided that I really liked blogging and plan to keep it up. It's so fun to look back over time and remember what was going on in life. Sometimes it gets so busy, it's hard to really look at what's really happening.

Tonight I got out several old picture albums and was reminiscing about old times. Old times meaning my honeymoon and Chad's 30th birthday... Caroline's first tooth.. you know.. the good ole times. It reminded me that in these days of not printing pictures and just having online albums this blog could truly come in handy one day. It was fun to read back over it.

Well, the kids are back to school. I have four kids at four campuses which is an adventure, but one that has worked out quite well I must say. Little Clayton is 5 and really should be in kindergarten this year, but we decided to have him wait an extra year. He's super smart and can read lots of words and knows his numbers, etc.. but there's just something about his maturity level that could stand one more year at home. And frankly.. I'm loving it.

Clayton's big news is that he has started Soccer at HOT. He's so cute playing. It's strange to see him as one of the youngest on his team. With a June birthday he barely makes the age requirement to play with this group. In the long run, I think it will be better for him to play with older kids. It challenges him. This past Saturday his team lost big time. I think maybe 20 to 2, but my Clayton scored one of the two. We were so proud of him. :)