Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 guilty pleasures

1- Sunbathing- I know I shouldn't because I have had precancerous spots removed before, but it is so relaxing.

2- Tater Tots- I LOVE Sonic tater tots. I have been on my own little weight loss "program" for some time now, and somehow tater tots always seem to make it on my menu. Not on purpose, but OH they are so good.

3- Date nights- I just crave time alone with my spouse. Of course because I enjoy being with him, but also because it is one night we can eat in peace and quiet. I LOVE it.

4- Chocolate Chips- I just love to eat chocolate chips straight out of the bag. It doesn't seem to make me feel as guilty as eating a candy bar would.

5- Hair Appts.- Getting my hair done is always something I look forward to. It is so nice to leave with no split ends and no gray hair.

6- Going to bed early just to watch tv- I am usually the last one up, but sometimes ( maybe 3 times a year) I just go into my room turn on something that takes no thought from me and just lay there alone and watch tv in peace.

7- Compass Trading Co. - If you have not been there, you MUST go. There are more beads than you will ever see in your life. It's Waco's own Sam Moon.

8- Debit Card- I used to HATE writing checks. Now, thanks to my hubby who so kindly stays on top of the bank statements, I just swipe the debit card while I'm holding a screaming child hollering for M & Ms and I'm outta there! Which brings me to....

9- Shopping- Who DOESNT love shopping? I LOVE to go look for clothes. I am very budget minded, so it doesnt happen too often, but I am glad when I find the bargain.OF course, it's not a guilty pleasure if it includes my kids coming along begging for things!

10- Eating out- I'm always glad to go out to eat. It keeps me from having to cook.


A is for Angela said...

I feel the exact same way about chocolate chips!!


Rose C said...

Um, I think that I could ditto just about all of that.