Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today, My hubby, my one and only, is 37! Happy Birthday, Baby!
37 of my favorite things about Chad Castle... my man! (in no particular order)

1- I love that you're excited about taking me with you to North Carolina.
2 - I love that you keep me grounded and remind me that the important things in life are the people and experiences and not the "stuff".
3- I love that you are willing to be "Coach Chad" to all four of our children.
4- I will always remember immediately after Kate was born and you standing by my side. I remember saying... I'm fine... Go meet our daughter. I loved how you wanted to be with me.
5- I love how you were standing right beside me during all four deliveries. You never fainted.. and always told me I was your hero.
6- You are an excellent father who our kids will always admire.
7- I love how you compliment our girls and help nourish their self esteem.
8- It was so much fun at our first apartment our first Christmas when you decorated the outside with Christmas Lights for the complex competition. We SHOULD have won!
9- I love that you appreciate traditions and encourage them in our family.
10- I love that you didn't yell at me when I got the truck stuck in the mud at HOT soccer.
11- I will always remember and appreciate you loving and supporting me through that fourth pregnancy. I needed the "you can do it" boosts.
12- I love to wake up and feel you beside me every morning.
13- Hearing you pray for me with your arms around me is priceless.
14- I appreciate that you know my stubborn side and are always the one to reconcile after an argument.
15- After 13 years of marriage, you are still a gentleman. You open my door, pull out my chair, order for me... etc.
16- You are so cute in your suit and tie.
17- I appreciate that you work hard to help our family be debt free.
18- You are a true servant and a blessing to everyone you serve.
19- I love that we can look at each other across a room and immediately know each other's thoughts.
20- You know all of my secrets and love me despite them.
21- I so appreciate that you are the household "homework checker". It keeps me from having to relearn 5th grade math.
22- I appreciate that you always encourage our children to be their best!
23- I love your sensitive side that comes out during life's precious moments.
24- I love how you can stop me mid sentence to tell me you think I'm beautiful.
25- Which leads me to... I appreciate that you ALWAYS listen to me as I tell you every detail of my day.
26- I love that you are so smart and so successful in your job.
27- I so appreciate that you ALWAYS write the bills and handle the checkbook. THANK YOU!
28- I am so thankful that you never question me when you see me pulling tags off of new clothes. You just say it looks nice and rarely ask the cost. :)
29- I love when you walk up behind me and put your arms around me.
30- I'm so thankful that you're willing to spend the money and take our kids fun places.. ie.. Disney...:)
31- I love that you always eat my cooking...even when it tastes bad.
32- I love that YOU cook for ME.
33- I love that you are willing to "get" anything that the girls and I deem "scary".
34- I am ALWAYS proud to be your wife.
35- You appreciate Date nights... thank you.. I live for them... I like our evening walks too!
36- I love that you are showing our sons what a godly man looks like.
37- I so appreciate that you chose to spend your life with me. You are my life's biggest blessing and my very favorite thing. Happy Birthday, Baby! I love you!


Dona said...

That is so sweet Kes. Happy Birthday Chad.

Mommyof2 said...

so sweet. made me tear up