Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cotillion.. Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

The past six weeks Kate participated in Waco's Annual Cotillion Classes. If you are not familiar with Cotillion, it's a etiquette class for boys and girls that meets on Tuesdays for an hour and teaches 4th - 7th graders proper etiquette in social situations. It was a time for Kate to practice the polite way to address adults, and how to accept an invitation from a young man to dance.

Kate griped and argued about having to go. Most Tuesdays turned into some sort of argument about what dress she HAD to wear, why she had to fix her hair, how unfair it is that she had to go do something so ridiculous. But for Chad and me.. it's just something she needed to do. Most of her friends in Midway were also signed up, so how bad could it possibly be?

Several of the Tuesday classes were theme days. There was 50's Day sock hop, Western Day and this past Tuesday was Father/ Daughter... Mother/Son Day. Chad took her and was able to get some fantastic video for me. And well, it's just plain funny. I couldn't upload the videos because apparantly they are too long, but boy, have I gotten a good chuckle over what these cute little awkward preteens did at Cotillion.

My sweet little Kate is about a head taller than all the little boys there. I'm sure that had to be fun! Oh well, it's over for little Kate and I'm sure it's an experience she'll always have fond memories of.