Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heart of a Child

This morning as I was getting Cort ready for school, I was talking to him about his Awanas for tonight. We were covering what jewels he's earned and what he still needs to do. One of the requirements is for the club members to bring a friend to Awanas. Well, this is impossible for me because my cup runneth over with children on Wednesday nights. So, the alternative is to pray for a friend.

So, this morning I told Cort that we need to pray for a friend.. anyone. He stood there for a short minute and said, "I'd like to pray for Thomas." I know he doesnt have a friend named Thomas at school, church, baseball... anywhere... Don't know Thomas. I say "Are you sure Cort?"... he's sure... we pray for Thomas.. who we don't know.

About 3 minutes passes.. he's eating his breakfast, I pick up my iphone and check my email. I get an email from Gary Rhodes, and read it aloud to Chad as he's standing right next to Cort. It reads like this:

Dear Choir,
I am very saddened to give you the tragic news that Jolie Gant was killed in a car accident yesterday. Please pray for her son, Thomas as he has lost his mother."


Cort is listening and says... "Did you just say, Thomas?" I was so distracted by the terrible news, that I didn't even hear the child's name. But, my 6 year old son did. He looked at me with the... see Mom... look.. Just so sure of his decision to pray for Thomas.

Cort has never met Jolie Gant, a fellow alto in choir and friend, nor does he know Thomas, as Thomas is much older than he. Some would say this was just a coincidence. I would like to believe that my Lord, who is amazing, can speak through the heart of a child and place another on his heart to pray for.

Amazing Morning!


baylorbear93 said...

What a blessing among tragedy! I did not personally know this family, but I mourn along with our community in the loss of one of our China Spring family members. My heart breaks for this young man who's been left motherless.

It's amazing how our Lord uses something as simple as a child's prayer to encourage us amid tragedy.

In Him,

Brennon Arnold
China Spring Resident

Rose said...

I have been thinking about this all day. The sadness that the gant family must be experiencing and the amazingness of what Cort experienced/did today.

april said...

My son, Michael, and I saw what happened yesterday and our hearts go out as well to the Gant family. I have always thought that a coincidence was God's way of staying anonymous. If only we as adults could keep that child like faith and not become cynical and over analytic in life.

April McAdams

Having It All said...

This brings tears to my eyes. God is so subtle in His ways. This makes me realize the importance of paying attention to the "little things". Bless Thomas today. I will join in praying for him too.

Tressa said...

Oh how sweet. Thanks for sharing that amazing story. The Lord impressed Thomas on Corts heart..theres no other explanation!

Having It All said...

Me again - I just wanted to say thank you for your encouragment on Sunday. It means more than you probably realize. And - you sang beatifully! :)

Mommyof2 said...

Definitely not a coincidence. I think kids do not "block" out things like we do as grown ups. Abbie has done a couple of things like that, too. It just shows your sweet Cort listens to God's voice, even if he does nt realize that is what he is doing. What a blessing! She might appreciate a ltter about that. I know I would.