Sunday, June 8, 2008

Couples Who Pray

Our church has just presented a 40 day challenge for couples to pray together at least 5 minutes per day.

Well, to tell you the truth, up until this time, Chad and I have not been the most consistent prayer partners. I guess we both have just assumed that we were praying for each other, just not together. Which, honestly, HAS been the case.

So, my hubby is such a fantastic spiritual leader and instigated us taking the challenge the church has laid before us. Me being the skeptic I am, felt like our marriage is fantastic, we don't struggle to get along... what will we pray for??

After our first precious prayer together, I was SOLD that I never want to go another day without being next to my sweetheart talking to my Savior.

It's just amazing to be held by my husband listening to him verbally thank God for the gift he was given. What could be better than HEARING my husband acknowledge the difficult job of mothering four kids, keeping up with a house, AND trying to work outside the home. It was just precious to hear Chad ask blessings over me.

In the same way, I prayed for him in a way I've never prayed before. I was able to present specific requests for Chad and fears I know he has, but doesn't talk about. It was fantastic.

I believe it will also help our parenting. It's interesting to hear the different prospectives we have regarding our children and who they are becoming. Each perspective brings a different request to the Lord. I believe our children will be blessed ten times over because of the commitment to pray.

In a world that is ruled by material possessions and who has what and when they got it, it's nice to be able to have something special that NO ONE will ever be able to take away and that will reward us far more than anything money can buy. Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of YOU.

I'm excited to continue the 40 day challenge and continue to watch what the Lord does in our marriage and in our everyday lives. I strongly encourage you to take the challenge!!!


A is for Angela said...

So awesome!

Rose C said...

That is great! We don't do it either, but we need to! Maybe that house will sell if we do!

SQ said...


Your testimony about couples who pray, and how the CWP 40
Day Challenge has impacted your all ready wonderful marriage and family, is heart-felt and encouraging to so many others.

Louise and I...sent your very creative blog by your pastor...are misty-eyed from your sharing of your experience.

Thank you for being an encourager of Couples Who Pray!

SQuire (and the lovely Louise)