Monday, August 11, 2008

My Praying Week

I will always remember the first day of school as a 3rd grader. This was the first year I went to the first day of school without my mom. Being the youngest of 4, I felt silly having my mom walk me in. I went to a small private school and KNEW that I was NOT to have Mrs. Lapeze, the "mean" teacher. I was to have Mrs. Thornton. Well, sure enough, I walked so confidently to Mrs. Thornton's door to see that my name was NOT on her list. This must have been a mistake because I was NOT stepping foot in the mean teacher room. What if she made me stay? So, as an eight year old, I started crying and just looking around like...well, a scared little 8 year old. Eventually I found my way to the school office. Just as I was walking in I heard the office attendant saying.. "Well, Mrs. Dean, strange that you called. Your daughter is standing right here next to me in tears". About 10 minutes later my mom appeared in the school office and worked it out for me to be with the teacher she had requested. My mom has always said that the Lord actually stopped her in the middle of her morning chores and told her that I was not okay. That brings tears to my eyes now as a mom. We just kind of know, don't we?

Every year I refer to this week, and technically next week, as my praying weeks. I catch myself praying harder than I do MOST weeks of the year. This is the week or weeks that someone somewhere is sitting at a desk with mounds of registration forms on his/her desk deciding which child will be placed in which classroom, with which teachers and with which other children. They're deciding where my little Kindergarten boy will fit and who his friends will be his first year from home. Where my little 3rd grader who sometimes can't remember that we walk on our feet and not our hands will end up. Will it be a teacher who will love her for who she is? What about my 5th grader? Will the school know that she is a very anxious little girl and needs someone that understands her? This idea naturally brings me a great deal of stress.

We have trusted God for the last 6 years and put our children in Woodway Elementary knowing that we could move them to a smaller private school if we chose. This was strange for me at first because I never spent a day in a public school. We have loved it and been blessed 10 times over every year. We have not had a bad experience ever. I know and never question that it's because our children are where God wants them and His hand is ever present over them while they are away from home. That is not to say that I don't do some request writing (that doesnt usually work), politicing,and a lot of worrying and talking to the Lord about what I see as best for them, but we all know that in a large school district sometimes it's just the luck of the draw. I'm just thankful that my luck is really the Lord's hand.

This year I have an extra concern as Kate enters the Intermediate School with kids from all over the district. I am feeling so confident for Kate as she is a likeable precious little Christian girl who treats others the way she wishes to be treated. My prayer for her is that the other little girls in her new classes and at her new school have also been taught to be inclusive and encourage quality friendships. I can't stand the idea of my sweet girl not knowing anyone in her block on the first day of school and feeling lonely. But, I know that no matter how much I write about it, lay awake worrying or talking to others about it, ultimately the Lord knows right now who my child will sit with the first day of school and what her experience will be. I'm so thankful to be able to place my kiddos in His care where these big decisions are concerned. Now, if I could just take a deep breath and trust Him to do His work in their lives this year!

Thank you, Lord for being ever present.. Even for my 5 year old.


Mommyof2 said...

What a precious, heartwarming post. Your kids are so wonderful, and I know that whatever class they end up in, the kids and teacher will be blessed for it.

Shelly said...

Wow, I can't believe that our little flower girl is already entering the 5th grade!

Tressa said...

What a great post! It described exactly how I feel around this time of year. These are my serious praying weeks too!
I also liked how you mentioned your luck is really the Lord's hand. SO TRUE. And He never fails us or our children!! He ultimately knows whats best for them.
I will add Kate to my prayers too as she enters into a new school with new faces!


BTW- I've been a lurker- I finally decided to comment! ;)

Dona said...

Kes, I just get a knot in my stomach thinking about it! My prayer is so similar to yours.
God please just protect her. You know the kind of teacher she needs, please give Your sweet girl favor in the eyes of the teachers. God, I know it is not your will for me to be worried and you already have the plan for Ashley's life laid out. Please give me Your peace in my soul to know that she is in Your Hands.