Saturday, August 30, 2008

Things I've learned this week!

We learn alot over a week's time. Even at the age of 36, I learn new things all the time. Here are some of the things I've learned this week. Or, you may just call them random thoughts:

1- Little kids love fundraisers. Parents hate them.

2- Some rumors are ridiculous. Just to clear one up - Chad is not ever, never has and never would consider being the new discipleship pastor at HBC.

3- It is possible for me to love a dog.

4- People in Waco will wear anything to the pool. SCARY

5- Dillards has a great 75% off sale, but even at 75% off, things add up.

6- I am not a bad mother because my children ride the bus for 5 minutes to school.

7- Kindergarten parents are clueless in the carpool line. In case you ever need to know: DO NOT exit your vehicle while loading your child, AND furthermore, by Kindergarten Bobby really should know how to buckle his own carseat.

8- Hitting a pothole really will ruin a tire. Which leads me to #9...

9- When purchasing tires, always buy the warranty.

10- Evidently no one in my family knows how to load or unload the dishwasher, but they are very clear on leaving dishes in the sink.

11- I really don't like my cell phone. Especially between 3pm and 8pm.

12- My kids ROCK on the soccer field.

13- The drive in movie in Gatesville is worth the drive and lots of cheap fun.

14- There is an old white haired lady with a handicapped hangtag driving a Buick in
Woodway that is ruthless and will race on the freeway and eventually cut you off. You can't beat her.

15- Some attorneys are rude, not all, some.

16- Asian tourists are hilarious! That's for my bunko friends.

17- My kids like nothing I cook.

18- Shipleys runs out of sausage and cheese kolaches around 10:30 on Saturdays.

19- More people live above their means then should.

20- My husband is the kindest man in the whole world. He's a servant and has a gorgeous heart.

These are just few things that I've either learned or figured out in the last 7 days.


SuperMom said...

Love this post. A few questions:

--Waco has a freeway?!?
--What does a gorgeous heart look like?
--Would Chad consider the ADP position?
--did you tell Chad how much money you spent at Dillard's? I didn't tell Cody.

The Asian Tourist

Kesleigh Castle said...

A gorgeous heart is one that is never judgmental and always thinks best of others. It's forgiving and always has others interests ahead of it's own. Just a snapshot. I wish that was my heart.
NO NO NO Chad would NOT EVER consider the ADP position. HE has a fabulous job. NO NO NO
NO I did not tell Chad about the money I spent at Dillards. Although, I'm sure he knows. He views the bank statement all day online.
Hope this helps and thanks for commenting!

Mommyof2 said...

Oh my - I needed that. It made me laugh.

Dona said...

I love Asian tourist with or with out accents.