Friday, September 24, 2010

Catch up and Clayton's First Soccer Game

Well, this is just embarrassing. I have not written in so long, and I've just decided that I really liked blogging and plan to keep it up. It's so fun to look back over time and remember what was going on in life. Sometimes it gets so busy, it's hard to really look at what's really happening.

Tonight I got out several old picture albums and was reminiscing about old times. Old times meaning my honeymoon and Chad's 30th birthday... Caroline's first tooth.. you know.. the good ole times. It reminded me that in these days of not printing pictures and just having online albums this blog could truly come in handy one day. It was fun to read back over it.

Well, the kids are back to school. I have four kids at four campuses which is an adventure, but one that has worked out quite well I must say. Little Clayton is 5 and really should be in kindergarten this year, but we decided to have him wait an extra year. He's super smart and can read lots of words and knows his numbers, etc.. but there's just something about his maturity level that could stand one more year at home. And frankly.. I'm loving it.

Clayton's big news is that he has started Soccer at HOT. He's so cute playing. It's strange to see him as one of the youngest on his team. With a June birthday he barely makes the age requirement to play with this group. In the long run, I think it will be better for him to play with older kids. It challenges him. This past Saturday his team lost big time. I think maybe 20 to 2, but my Clayton scored one of the two. We were so proud of him. :)