Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cort's First Football Game

As if Cort needs another sport... he's decided to play football. I was just a little too apprehensive to let him play tackle so young, so we went with flag football at the Woodway Family Center. He LOVES it! Tonight was his first game.

His team, The Cobras, played The Longhorns and won 12 to 8. Cort scored a touchdown which was so fun to watch. He ran around... cut back.. and in the end zone he went. After that he did a little celebrating in the end zone, of course. He also came very close to intercepting a pass and made some really great blocks for his teammate to score another touchdown. Needless to say, he was pretty excited and has found yet another sport that he just can't live without. Looks like we're adding another to the schedule.

Just moments after his football game he asked to go out to where his baseball team was playing and cheer them on for the remainder of the game. They won 7 to 5.. at which time Cort said.. well... it looks like the Tigers can win without me :)