Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Tribute to Shannon

Well, today is a sad day for me! The moving truck is here. My precious friend, Shannon, is moving all the way to California. I still can't believe it and I feel numb to it. I guess I knew it was coming, and I even sold her house... but, it still doesnt seem real.

About 11 years ago I was in the nursing room at Highland with my baby, Caroline. In walks this pretty blonde lady that was so bouncy and full of energy. She immediately started talking to me, complimented my baby, and that was the first day of a beautiful friendship. She and Steve watched our girls grow up and walked with us through the boys' pregnancies and births. Shannon was even planning to be present when Clayton was born, except that she got sick and couldnt come :(

We cried with each other through the loss of babies, the arrival of babies, the loss of jobs, the hard times financially, the great times financially, and I think she probably knows every fight Chad and I have ever had. And sometimes she even took his side... rightfully :)

Thank you, Shannon for the Best friend you have been to me. The gift of you is something I would have never imagined. It proves to me that God plants people in your life for a reason and for good. Your family has been a tremendous gift to our family. We will miss you in Waco, but will be happily supporting your life in Cali. Go be a California Girl... but don't forget us.. Love you.