Friday, June 27, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Caroline Castle

You may remember the segment on Saturday Night Live called "Deep Thoughts by... whoever.. it was". Well, I have one of those kids that just asks me questions constantly. The funny thing is, with this child in particular they are either very high level questions...things neither I nor anyone else normal cares about, or just plain ole "blonde" moments. So sorry to all of my gorgeous blonde friends. I know you are all brilliant.

Well, I thought I'd list some of the recent questions I've had to field from my 8 year old. Some of those... what does it matter and who really cares questions.. Although, I NEVER say that to this precious little smart girl! To tell you the truth, my answer is almost always, "Let's ask Daddy when he gets home"
All of these are Caroline speaking.....

1- If the sprinkler is on full blast and is running for 2 hours, how many gallons of water do you think that would be?

2- Do you know the song the National Anthem? When it says " what so proudly we held" what exactly are they talking about? What war? Who wrote it? What song did they sing at events BEFORE this song was written? Who gets to pick the song?

3- Who makes gasoline and why does it come out of the ground? Who gets to pick how much is costs?

4- If I am at gymnastics from 8:20 - 12:00 does that mean I'm there for over 13,000 seconds?

5- About Christmas, why did Jesus have to be born at the END of the year? Why do they call it Christmas anyway. I mean, what's the "mas" for.

6- If there were astronauts in outer space and the world ended, what would happen to them? Where would they go?

7- Why does the bible verse say " to the ends of the earth?" I thought since the world was round it doesnt ever end.

8- Who thinks up words and puts them in a dictionary?

9- If this book has 237 pages, how many pages do I have to read every day to get this book read in 1 week and 2 days. OH... how many minutes each day will that take?

10- What makes up the earth?

11- Why does the lady in the bank window get all of our money?

12- Who started the Alamo and what good did that battle do? ( This one is a little more difficult for me since I took Louisiana History and don't always know exact details about Texas)

These questions just make me laugh. I would say she asked me all of these in the last 2 weeks. I'm so missing Mrs. Metz, Caroline's 2nd grade teacher. She encourages questions and I'm sure would have a fantastic reasonable answer to all of them. OH it exhausts me. I much prefer the " Mommy, can we go to Keva Juice" questions....


Rose C said...

Wow, those are some deep questions for sure! Good thing we live in the age of GOOGLE!

Kylie said...

I am very impressed with that little mind! I can't say I've ever thought of things like that :)
I'm pretty sure Mrs. Metz was teaching second grade at Woodway Elementary when I attended there!