Thursday, June 19, 2008

Need Ideas!

So, to anyone kind enough to read my blog, thank you! I am sure I read yours as well. I read many more than I actually comment on. Shame on ME! ANYWAY, I need some ideas.. Please shoot them at me.

Chad and I have been given the opportunity to get away from our sweet children for a weekend. The lovely woman pictured above, Chad's stepmom, has kindly offered to keep ALL FOUR! Now, we need something fun to do. I was hoping something a little romantic, not too hot (Texas heat, I mean), just good ole relaxing. We've done Priceline before and have gotten some super deals. I'm certainly open to doing that again, but thought I'd ask if anyone has a special place that would be extra fun.

Chad's parents live in Dallas, so I'm sure we'll have to meet them that way with the kids. I won't be able to talk Chad into going too far because of gas prices and our rather large diesel SUV, but I'm sure he'll drive a little way if something were in it for him !!

So, please shoot your ideas this way. I'd really appreciate it!


A is for Angela said...


We stayed at the Four Seasons in Las Collinas on our last trip before Emerie was born. It was really great, and you'd be super close to your kids. If you travel far, you'll be wasting alot of your time just traveling--that's not very fun. You may want to do something close to maximize your time.