Sunday, October 12, 2008


My dad is a physician in a small area. As I was growing up, strange as it may be, I remember my mother constantly stopped by friends asking her what she thought about their ailing back, or sick stomach or any other ailment. Remember I said my DAD was the one with the MD behind his name, not mom. Well, lately a similar senario has been happening to me based on Chad's profession. I get questioned about my opinion of the stock market and what it's looking like. I don't mind it, of course, client relations are extremely important to us both, but I feel about as secure discussing the stock market as my husband feels discussing the sensations experienced when nursing an infant.

Well, that has changed for me. I was given the opportunity to spend 3 days with Chad at a conference surrounded by his and a few women.. who are experts with investing and the stock market. This group of investor coaches are impressive and extremely successful, experienced folks. I feel like I learned so much about the current market and was actually able to put a CHICK spin on it, so I'm going to attempt to explain the stock market and why I'm not worried in Chick terms.

I would like to make a disclaimer that in NO WAY has what I'm saying been given the stamp of approval from my husband, or any other financial coach. This is absolutely my spin on it. So, take what you will!

Let's say you went to Dillards and found a fantastic pair of shoes. They cost you $115. You think they will possibly be worth more in six months or a year, so you've decided NOT to wear them right away because you really don't NEED them. You're interested in seeing what they could be worth a little later and possibly selling them on ebay to someone else at a higher price later.

Six months passes and you go to Dillards to look for more shoes... WHAT?? The gorgeous pair you purchased for $115 is now on sale for $30. You're upset... You're so worried that now your pair of shoes have LOST most of their value. The busy sales clerk sees your dismay and begins to counsel you by telling you "OH.. don't worry. This is a SPECIAL sale and these shoes are going back to their original price in a few weeks". You start to stomp out depressed, then you remember that you've just put $250 in your "secret stash". You get smart and use your $250 to buy as many $30 pair of shoes as you can hoping that you can sell them later for their original price of $150 and make a tremendous profit.

A little bit of time goes by and you're still worried because the shoes are still only worth $30. You panic and start to want your $250 back. You want to return them and just take what you can. But, the smart investor side of you says to stick it out. SMART DECISION... Six months later, you walk in and see the same shoes for $200 a pair. You run straight home, list your shoes on ebay and reward yourself with your good returns! You were patient and it paid off.

Just like the "take an extra 40% off" sale at Dillards comes and goes, so does the stock market. Patience will prevail. Continue praying for our country and the economy and stay calm. AND.. if you have ANY extra money.. call your investor coach, Coach Chad and BUY BUY BUY!


Mommyof2 said...

good analogy! your birthing pains explanation was hilarious!

Kylie said...

I like it! Those are terms I understand! Thanks :)

Amy said...

That was great! We missed you today at Bible study!