Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cort!

This month we're celebrating Cort's Birthday! I still can't believe that my son is SIX and in kindergarten. Where does the time go?

I'm so thankful for Cort and the energy he brings to our family. He's our little evangelist. He is always quoting God's word and telling his sister what God doesn't like about what they are doing. It's really amazing the heart he already has for God at such a young age.

He's active and very much all boy. He always wants to be playing ball and wrestling. He insisted that his birthday party be all boys and they had to play football. Well, it turned into a group wrestling match on the trampoline.

My favorite recent Cort quote is something he said to me when Chad and I left to go to North Carolina. I told him goodbye and I'd see him when I get back. He said, " I'll always remember you Mommy! You're that pretty girl with dark hair that always wears lip gloss". It was precious and was so cute to hear what my 6 year old son thinks about his momma.

Happy Birthday, Cort!


Rose C said...

Happy Birthday Cort!

Five Musgraves at Ten Oaks said...

I LOVE birthday parties--sounds like they had a blast! Pat used to say that a great boy party would be to have a backhoe dig a big hole in the back yard, and just let them play . . . in, out, around, with the dirt, with their trucks, etc... :) It looks like Clayton was having a blast, too!

Amy said...

I love the way he described you! So cute and insightful for such a youngster.