Friday, December 5, 2008

He just wanted Batman

Okay, get ready for this one.

This afternoon Clayton was having a good day, so I decided to run into the Hewitt Walmart for a few items. I really just wanted to look at a couple of things. No big shopping list. Well, as I was shopping Clayton spotted a Batman toy that he wanted. He put it into the buggy and was acting as if it was going home with him. I was NOT buying Batman, so I simply put it back on the shelf kindly telling Clayton "Not today". We'll ask Santa."

Clayton did not like that I wasn't buying Batman and started to let the whole store know it. I WANT BATMAN... BATTTTMMMMMAAANNNNNNNN!! I did NOT concede to the Batman screams, but I did rush along trying to do the best I could, and finished up getting the 2 or 3 items I needed. The whole time I'm whispering in his ear.. "When we get home, Mommy is going to spank your heine".. That then led him to scream out " I DON'T WANT A SPANKING".

Clayton screams through checkout, even while the lady has to do a price check.. just my luck.. We leave the store. He's still screaming "I want Batman". I get to the car just dying to spank his bottom, but don't because all I can think of is the survelliance cameras all over the place and God knows I did NOT want my picture all over the national news as a child abuser!!

The ride home sends endless. He's screaming, I'm speeding.. just so irriated at him. I get home,shed my sweater and boots because by now I'm burning up hot. I take Clayton into his room, spank his bottom and lay him down for his nap. Of course telling him that his behavior is unacceptable.

About 3 minutes passes and someone knocks on my door. Clayton is STILL screaming. It's the Woodway Police. He says..."Mam did you just get home a short time ago" "Yes" " Do you drive a dark colored Excursion" "Yes" ( I'm just waiting for my speeding ticket here) "Well, Mam we have a call of a possible child abduction in the Walmart parking lot. We had some calls that a child was screaming and being kidnapped"

All I can do is just die of embarrassment. OH MY GOSH!!! Does it get worse? I told the officer about Clayton wanting Batman and that I was NOT buying Batman today. Is that against the law.. I really want to know? The officer was friendly, but got my name and all of my information, was forwarding it on to God only knows who else can listen on the radio that I have a screaming kid.. Like all of Woodway couldn't already hear it!!!!

He insists on seeing Clayton before he goes. The very large uniformed 6ft 3 officer walks in his bedroom. Clayton immediately silences and reaches for me. Thankfully the house was squeaky clean, so hopefully I did not fit the bill of a child abductor.. I took the opportunity to tell Clayton that the police had to come see him just because of his bad behavior in Walmart. The officer looks at Clayton and says " Are you okay, son?" Clayton says " NO" The officer says "What's wrong?" And, my Clayton responded back with " I just want BATMAN"... UGGHHH!

I offer to show the officer Clayton's birth certificate or the family photo album, but he passes and is fine with the inspection.

The officer left, but I'm still sitting here as embarrassed as I've ever been. I'm sure Yost Zachary and the other Woodway Police Officers are going to have a field day with this one!!!

If commenting, please tell me what you would have done in this situation? I know I was right not to spank in public, but what else could I have done? Oh dear!


Rose C said...

That is HYSTERICAL! Sorry Kesleigh, but thats a story to share for a long time!

Nicole Page said...

Oh my Gosh! I am DYING laughing about this one!! It makes me feel extra safe to know that police make home visits for especially unruly children. :) ha! I can't imagine what else you could have done. Poor thing. What a story!

scoker said...

I'm so sorry that happened! But seriously, why did someone really think that and call the police instead of stopping you and asking you? If you really were an abductor, you could have been long gone by the time they found you! (Which makes me wonder, how DID they find you....)

Chastity said...

I would have let the officer take Rylee around the block...I am sure they would have returned him before they reached the stop sign convinced that he was mine...AND to the person who reported you, obviously NOT a mom to a 3 year old, am I right??? God bless your soul whoever you are. BTW, I linked this story on my friends are going to love it. You are a good mom with good kids...and a good story.

Kylie said...

I totally understand your embarrassment. I'd feel the same way. However, it made me laugh a little... at him telling the police officer that he wanted batman!
You did exactly what you should have done. Spanking would have only made him scream more at that point. Just a fluke thing, but one you can use for a long time!

gwsas4 said...

Kesleigh, I cannot believe that happened to you! I would have been in utter shock! It sounds like you did just fine. Wow & yikes at the same time! What a story to tell!
I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog & I can't remember how I even found it!
Steph (Snyder)

mideastmom said...

Oh my, Kesleigh! It's things like that that make me glad I live where I live. :-P (And worried about watching my back when we're in the States.)

I think you handled the situation perfectly. I can't see anything to do differently.


Brigite said...

That's hilarious, and I think you handled it just the right away. However, you did get me to thinking that maybe I should tidy up my house every time I leave. haha

SuperMom said...


This is the funniest story I've heard in a long time. You will LOVE re-telling this to Clayton when he's 18.


Having It All said...

I slapped my hand over my mouth in disbelief when I read this!!! I bet your knees became like jelly when you heard why the officer had shown up at your door. Did you know there's a family bathroom at the back of Wal-Mart? I haven't had to use it for this reason (yet) but I bet it would make a great spank-spot. :)

dmac713 said...

One day a couple summers ago my wife, daughter and I went to our neighborhood park (large with many people) and I took my new digital camera to play with. Took many pictures and as we were getting ready to leave, police pulled up and were speaking to a woman who had been sitting on a bench with her dog. My wife looked at me and jokingly said I shouldn't have been taking pictures. I carry our daughter to the car and we pass the lady with the dog who smiles quitely as she walks away. As I'm getting our daughter in the car, one of the officers goes over to my wife. She comes back in a minute and says flatly, "Yeah, it was you." The police were fine seeing that I was with my family and not some prevert taking kiddie pics. Needless to say I was pretty hot under the collar after that little episode.

We recently experienced the same situation as you did in a Walmart. Our daughter wanted a stuffed kitty and my wife said yes, but she would have to give up five stuffed animals when we get home. Our daughter, almost 5, said OK. I though it was bad to give in and get it, although she did pick out five to get rid of when we got home with no problem. My wife forwarded the link to your blog with the message, "This is why I said, "OK, you can have the kitty," and that is the only bit of advice I can offer, giving full credit to my wiser half.

Nicki W. said...

well, at least we know the system cares in our little community. so funny! i think we have all been there in your shoes! a tantrum is a tantrum and the punishment fits the bill! now you can always use the ol' "the police are going to come to the house" trick!!

Mommyof2 said...

OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!!! I am just dying reading this. I am laughing so hard I am crying!