Monday, December 22, 2008

In My Opinion....

Christmas this year has brought up a lot of interesting thoughts to me, and I'd just like to share them... well, because I can!

1- Target really needs to fix their exchange policy. I was reading it today. While I love their product and think their store is great, how can they not exchange ANYTHING without the receipt. Now, I understand return for cash, but EXCHANGE should be doable. With Walmart returning and exchanging just about anything you can dig out of the closet, how can Target not improve their plan?

2- People should not be buying their 6 year old an Ipod or cell phone as a Christmas gift. It makes it that much harder on those of us who are unwilling to buy them for our 11 yr old... and furthermore, Kids should be kids and get kid stuff while they're young. Quit making them grow up so fast!

3- The movie theaters really need to have some late morning shows. I mean, why can't they open at 10:00? Especially at times when they know kids will be home from school. Don't they know Preschoolers nap starting at 12:00 when they open? I'm telling you, a morning movie for the kids would be a huge success.

4- We all need to curve our spending at Christmas time. My sweet friend, Angela, had such a great idea and really got me thinking about giving money to others less fortunate. Why do we spend so much money trying to buy each other presents and hope to get presents while people in other places.. and in our own country for that matter, are barely eating. Something just feels wrong about that. We all need to step back and take a look at our consumerism. If we'd all do it, it'd make it easier on the whole bunch. It's hard to explain to kids why they get one gift when their best friend is getting a phone, ipod, laptop and Vera Bradley purse all in one morning.

5- The Y needs to have extra late hours around Christmas for those of us who want to go run off those extra pieces of fudge we ate. Wii fit just doesn't always do it for me!

6- Last, but not least, the stock market should NOT be open on Christmas Eve. Let's just think about it.. do we really want to trade stocks while we're broke from overspending? Most of all, the stock market being open keeps Daddys away from families for the day :(

Thanks for letting me share what was on my mind today!
Merry Christmas!


Mommyof2 said...

I am so Amening you there, sister!!! The Target thing really gets me, especially not being able to exchange without a receipt. What?! I am so on the same page with you with it all, though. Joan Lunden, who is filthy rich, said she gets her kids three gifts every year - that is it. She explains that Jesus got three gifts, so that should be fine for them. I like that!