Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please Pray

Friends and Fellow Bloggers-
I'm asking you to please pray for my precious little nephew, Reese Dean. He's 3 1/2 and has been complaining of a backache. His Daddy, my brother, Kyle, is a physician so of course he's been checking out his complaints, but was not real worried about it.

My sister in law, Debbie, took him to his pediatrician where she did routine Xrays and a CAT scan. They saw some spots on Reese's spine that are suspicious and could be quite serious. They arranged for an MRI for December, but the doctor felt it was important that Reese do the MRI right away.

He is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow morning at 6:30 in Baton Rouge. He will have to be put to sleep for the test. PLEASE join me in praying that Reese has no signs of anything serious and that he will get a fantastic, clean report tomorrow. Thank you ALL..

Praise the Lord! HE is the great physician.


Kylie said...

what a beautiful boy! praying now! please keep us posted.

Rose C said...

Praying now for sweet Reese!