Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Chaos

I can't believe I survived this weekend. It was just crazy. It has caused me to really think about what we are doing to ourselves by living by this chaotic schedule.

Friday the kids got out of school all hyped up and ready to go for Halloween. Caroline had gymnastics, as she does every Friday, from 4:00- 6:00. Her Halloween party with her team started at 5:00. She was Dorothy and insisted that I be there with Todo aka T bone (our new Yorkie) as part of her costume for the party.

Of course, we left there at 6:00 and met our fantastic neighbors for a round of trick or treating in the neighborhood. After about an hour the kids decided they were tired and hungry and wanted to call it quits. So, we headed to Whataburger for a very nutritious dinner and then home.

Saturday was just crazy. Chad was giving a financial workshop from 10:00 -2:00 and Caroline had her district meet in Weatherford at 12:45. Kate had 2 birthday parties, so she decided she wanted to stay in Waco. So, Friday night she slept over with her BFF, went to the Baylor Homecoming Parade and got to her Birthday parties.

Caroline and I dropped the boys off at Nana's on the way to the meet.. which, by the way, Caroline ROCKED! She received first place on bars and fourth place all around with a 36.925. OUTSTANDING.. This places her in the gold division for state which is a tremendous accomplishment.. Anyway.. Nana kindly offered the keep the boys overnight so Chad and I could go out with our friends for our annual anniversary celebration which I was rushing home for after a LONG meet.

With Kate at a slumber party and the boys at Nana's, this left just Caroline with us. Chad and I decided that having a night out alone was a rarity and decided to pawn little Caroline off on the Stevens. Imagine their delight when Caroline showed up with her overnight bag.. :) I started to leave her and she leaned down and whispered... "Mrs. Stevens didn't know I was sleeping over". Oh.. dear.. Sorry! I guess I didn't specify that we wondered if Caroline could stay for the WHOLE night. Thank you, Kim! I owe you!

Saturday night was a fantastic time of fellowship and food with good friends.So, on Sunday when the alarm went off on what should have been a luxurious sleep one hour later day with NO kids to dress for church Chad says.. " Why are you so crabby already?" Then I began explaining what Sunday entailed that was making me so crabby.

I was scheduled to be on Praise Team, which means a 8:30 arrival. After church I would have to leave early to go meet Nana with the boys in Hillsboro, drive straight to Caroline's soccer party, which Chad was IN CHARGE of.. Burgers, Hot Dogs, Grill, Tomatoes, Ice,... all of it. And immediately after the soccer party was lifegroup at OUR house at 4:30 - 6:00. Then, to top the lovely day off, Caroline has a school project due tomorrow. Somehow in all of this chaos I have to figure out how to make a freestanding Ben Franklin out of a dried out apple head.

So, it's Sunday night 10:24. It all got done... I even worked in an hour workout tonight just to help me stay sane, but it was stressful.

Now, I get to look forward to doing it all over again next weekend. Two girls in a soccer tournament, both girls birthday parties at MY house, and the children's musical at church!

I LOVE this crazy life and I wouldn't know what to do without it, but sometimes a boring weekend would be GREAT!


Rose C said...

Wow, I need a glass of wine after simply reading this blog!

Amy said...

Reading this post wore me out. :) Even with all this, you had a wonderful smile on your face today while you were singing!

Kylie said...

that makes me tired... :)

but I'm glad you are happy and having so much fun!!

SuperMom said...

Did you guys join back up with the Helton's lifegroup? I knew your "break" wouldn't last! Y'all are lifegroup groupies! Ha!

Anonymous said...

...and a darn fine Ben Franklin I might add...LOL