Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another First

Today Caroline got her first pair of glasses. That makes her the first of our children to need them. Hopefully, maybe, the only.

The school nurse sent a note home last week saying that Caroline struggled on the school eye test, so off I went to the optometrist to find out that the trusty school nurse is completely correct. My baby needs glasses.

I just wanted to share a picture of her proudly wearing them. I think they're precious on her. When she first wore them she said out loud, "Wow! Is this what everything is suppose to look like?" How exciting to finally be able to see things with clarity. I completely understand her as I have terrible vision and wear contacts myself... so here's my new glasses cutie!( by the way, YES, that is my Christmas tree put up and decorated behind her)

I also wanted to share some other pics. This is the sweet little Thanksgiving Feast that the Kindergarteners had at the Elementary school. Cort was a darling little Indian Chief wearing feathers he had earned during the week. He was so proud.

I also wanted to share my favorite picture from Caroline's last meet of the season! It was this weekend in Fort Worth. She did a fantastic job and completed a great season. Now, we can take some deep breaths and enjoy some free weekends until next season!

So, now that the gymnastics season is complete, the glasses are purchased, the Kindergarten feast is all done... it's time for me to start packing because FOUR more days until we take the crew to the "World"... Hello, Mickey...

I hope all of my blogging buddies have a fantastic Christ filled Thanksgiving!


Tressa said...

How exciting! Lots of excitement going on in your world!
So tell me, who did you take Caroline to? And where did you get her glasses? They look GREAT on her!!
Hope you all have a GREAT getaway!

Rose C said...

Love the glasses!

Five Musgraves at Ten Oaks said...

She is adorable! I guess you're in FL now :) I hope you have a wonderful time and make some sweet family memories!

Heidi said...

Kesleigh, I tagged you over at my blog for a list of random facts about yourself. Come by and check it out, you will know what to do!

Dona said...

awhhh... Caroline you are such a doll. Hope y'all had a blast at disney! i want to hear about it!