Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best Friends

My Kate has found something in life that is very precious. Something that is hard to come by for kids these days.... A Sweet, Christian Best Friend. I'd like you to meet, Maddie. She and Kate met for the first time the very first day of Kindergarten., but actually became best friends about 2 years ago.

I can't imagine how relieved I would have been on that first day of kindergarten if I had known then that Kate would meet such a precious little girl that would be such an important part of her life right there in that class. You know, wondering if your child will have a friend in class is every mother's fear.

It's just precious to have a best friend... someone that you can be real with and who likes you for who you are. It blesses me to know that Kate has a friend that is trustworthy and who likes her.

These girls are the kind of friends that ask constantly to be together. They always want to be having sleepovers, shopping trips, swim dates.. you name it. The number one question I hear from Kate is ... "Can Maddie come?" I've watched these girls scheme together and discuss who's mom will say yes. I've seen them play silly tricks on neighborhood boys and then act innocent. Many times I've seen them defend each other. They've even cried and argued.. but always made up! These girls have something special.

I never had that as a kid. A best friend, I mean. I was very close to my sister, but she always had a best girlfriend, so I was kinda third wheel. I was kind of a difficult child that had an unpleasant personality at times. I do remember that about myself and was also reminded of it by my family members occasionally.

Well, I'm so thankful now that I have a best friend. Someone that loves me for who I am and encourages me to be the best I can be. Someone who builds me up and reminds me of the positive things I am. Well.... and the negative when I need to hear them. I'm so thankful that I have a best friend that will argue with me, but always make things right with me before the day ends. Someone who's best at listening and supporting me when I most need it. Someone that I laugh with, play jokes with, scheme with, cry with and sneak away with. What's even better, is I get to fall asleep and wake up right next to him every day!

Isn't he so cute too!


Devin said...

Hi! I saw a comment from you on Heidi's blog. I'm originally from Central Texas too and my husband graduated from Baylor. Just thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. Oh, and I SO get the stress with four kiddos, we have six and some days are pretty interesting around here!