Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blast from the Past

This is a pic of my 4 just as they are. After gymnastics, soccer, swimming, sleeping, playing.. you name it.. Just as they are.

I've taken on the humongous task of having a garage sale. It's a tremendous task...especially with 4 little "helpers" wanting to work along beside me. Well, in getting ready for the garage sale and going through stuff I ran upon some old CDs and cassette tapes. Of course, I just had to pull some out and listen to them.

I came across a cassette tape that Chad made for me when we got dropped. If you were in a fraternity or sorority then you understand dropped. It's when your boyfriend buys you his fraternity symbol on a penant and presents it to you. It's the step before getting engaged. This was a huge deal in my sorority which included passing a candle and listening to songs of importance to the person who has been dropped. OKay.. so , Chad actually recorded himself speaking to me about how much he loved me. This was outstanding because Chad does not do these kind of things often. So, it's very precious to me.

Well, on the tape was a song that was sung at our wedding and one I have not heard for some time. As I was listening to it, I realized that it means far more to me now than it ever did then. I tried to download it here, but I had some difficulties and no time to sit around trying to figure it out. But, here are the lyrics. It's Wayne Watson's song "Somewhere in the World".

Somewhere in the world today
A little girl will go out ot play
All dressed up in mama's clothes
At least the way that I suppose it goes
Somewhere in the world tonight
Before she reaches to turn out the light
She'll be prayin' from a tender heart
A simple prayer that's a work of art

And I don't even know her name
But I'm prayin' for her just the same
That the Lord will write His name upon her heart
Cause somewhere in the course of this life
A little boy will need a godly wife
So hold on to Jesus, baby, whereever you are

Somewhere in the world out there
That little girl's learnin' how to care
She's pickin' up her mamas charms
Or maybe, swigin' around in her daddy's arms
Somewhere in the world to be
Through the future's not real clear to me
Theirs could be a tender love
Grounded in eternal love above

So I'm in the garage going through garage sale stuff when I'm listening to this song and Cort walks out to join me. I have big huge tears in my eyes and of course he's asking "Mommy what's wrong". I just made him sit on my lap as I finished out the song.

Have you ever really thought about the people our children will marry? I mean, who would have ever thought that a little chubby girl in Baton Rouge, La. would be destined to marry a country boy from Caddo Mills, Tx. Just in the same way, God has a mate chosen for my kiddos. Somewhere out there are little kids just like mine that God has already chosen to spend a lifetime with my children. God has written MY child's name in his/ her heart. Scary to think about.

This led me to think about the job I am doing here preparing my kids for marriage. WOW... gosh when you really think about it, the jobs we have as moms are tremendous. I have to prepare these cute little faces to be godly wives and husbands. Obviously I need to be praying daily for this. I just have kinda taken it for granted that God is preparing them to be a blessing to their families one day. They are watching everything we say and more of what we do!

My children are so lucky because they have such an outstanding example as a father. Chad is one of the very best dads that I know. My boys' wives will be lucky because hopefully they will follow Chad's example, but my girls' husbands better have game on, or the girls will be disappointed.

It has just been an emotional reminder that I need to be praying DAILY for the cute little girl that has CORT or CLAYTON written in her heart. Or, the little boys that God has picked for my girls. Who knows where they are now... Just something to think ... or cry... about...

IF anyone knows how to download the song, just tell me... :) It helps to hear it with music.


Rose C said...

Wow, I think about that often. It's so hard to imagine letting them go, but I just pray that Colin marries someone completely complimentary to him. I pray for her raising as well. And I pray that he recognizes her! It's terrifying!