Monday, July 21, 2008

How Time Flies... or NOT!

Saturday all four of the kids and I, yes only I, loaded the car for a 9 hour journey to Baton Rouge. We were off to take the girls to meet their cousins for GA Camp. WOW! It doesn't take too long for me to be alone with my kids to discover that they do indeed know who's the disciplinarian in our family. It's NOT me!! All day it just seemed like time stood still.

I learned alot about my kids on Saturday. Several of the new truths are, Clayton can't ride 9 hours without a pull up no matter how many bathroom stops we make, Caroline and Cort are to NEVER be seated in the same row of seats in any car ever again, Kate can't read while driving- it makes her carsick :), and finally, kids 5 and older will do just about anything for money. Bribery works well as a last resort for peace and quiet!

We finally arrived here in Louisiana right back to the home I grew up in. The only home I remember as a child. Here are a few photos. My room was on the bottom left. I believe we moved in when I was 2.

Now, here I am, 36, I drive in the driveway with all four of my kids and suddenly I feel like a child again. The big 3 acre yard and the LONG driveway just sitting there waiting for my kids to run free, just as I did when I was a kid. There's a bike for everyone, yes, even adult bikes. I get on one and ride with my kids, and there I am 10 years old riding down to my friends house, or at least telling my kids about how I WOULD have ridden down to my friends' house 26 years ago.. OUCH!

The feeling I get everytime I'm here amazes me. I walk in, hug my Momma and Daddy.. aka... Grannie and Pops.. just like I would have everyday of my life when I lived here. My dad unloads my stuff and mom immediately starts feeding everyone. From that moment on, the eating never ends. There's always something good to just "have a bite of". Oh, it's all delicious!

My siblings and Me.. Karen, Kyle, and Kim

Having 3 older siblings and 12 nieces and nephews, there's always activity around here. Somehow Grannie and Pop's house is the "hub" for all activity... especially when cousins from Waco are in town. I try REALLY hard to be the cool aunt. Sometimes that means I drive my older nieces and nephews to the 24 hour fitness center at 11pm, or taking them for smoothies, or to the mall, or anywhere else they want to go. There's always something fun they want to do.

Anyway, it's all fun and games until I unload my things, visit my "virtual office" here at my parents' house and realize that I am in fact an adult and do have obligations and commitments. Thank goodness for the virtual office that allows me to meet all of your real estate needs from any location. (Just plugging my business here) Please call me with any questions, concerns or other matters. :)

The only negative thing about this "vacation" is that my one and only is not with me. Somehow being 9 hours away without him makes me wish I never left Waco. I can't stand to be without him. Seven days is TOO long!

Lastly, I'd like to share some pictures of the camp where my girls are spending the week . It's just a little camp back in the country that offers horses and just lots of fun. Last year they both rededicated their lives to Christ and came home fully understanding the love of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for them. NOTHING is more precious than that...Makes the 9 hour drive a piece of cake!


Rose C said...

I love your childhood home! BEAUTIFUL!

Mommyof2 said...

loved the blog and seeing where you grew up and your older sibs. And ditto on the pullup thing. (:

Dona said...

I am so glad you are with your family and having a good time. Can't wait for you to get home. Be safe.

Kylie said...

What a sweet post! I get to drive to my parents house daily if I want to, as you know :) and I always feel that way. It's good to be home!
Hope you're enjoying your time.
Tomorrow I take the kids on our first road trip since Hudson's potty training- good to know beforehand that I will need the pull ups!