Friday, July 11, 2008

My Spa Weekend

I'm finally getting my pictures from my fantastic spa weekend posted. I am typically not the type to go anywhere without my hubby, but this invitation was far too inviting and a perfect birthday gift for myself. It was a nice get away and the perfect amount of time away from my 5 sweeties.

Myself and 3 friends, Julie, Andrea and Shannon left Saturday morning at 9:30 and headed to Lake Austin Spa. It was fantastic! In order to use the spa for the day you must have an appt on the books AND pay a $25 fee. The spa offers many delightful treatments. Massages, pedicure, manicure, hair, waxing, etc... but all at a ridiculously expensive price. Knowing that we were going to be doing some shopping later and not wanting to spend all my money up front, I agreed to have the cheapest thing offered at the spa.. a $20 brow wax. :0 Boy, my brows looked great and I must say, it was the most relaxing brow wax I've ever experienced.

Of course, while we were waiting for our treatments, we were able to lay around the pool, walk around the gorgeous lake, sit outside in the covered courtyards, eat fruit, drink water or tea and all in a fluffy comfy white robe. It's so funny because EVERYONE was wearing white robes. It was like if you didn't have on the cushy white robe, you just didn't fit in.

After the spa experience, we left for our hotel. It was the Renaissance and it was gorgeous. It would definitely be a place I'd like to go back with my hubby. It was very upscale and just calm. There was a gorgeous outside pool and my favorite was the inside pool that joined the fitness center. If you know me well, then you know I enjoy a hotel that has a decent fitness center. It's an amenity I like in a hotel... a nice place to work out. This place was top notch! I definitely recommend the Renaissance.

The Renaissance is surrounded by upscale shopping as well. It was an outdoor mall with all the best shops. Also there was a Cheesecake Factory where we ate dinner. It was way too much food and delicious ( thus the need for the hotel fitness center).

After our fun spa day, then shopping and eating and LOTS of girl talk, we spent our last day at the outlet mall in Georgetown. I highly recommend that too! It was easy to navigate and easy to spend lots of money too. I went to spend my birthday money. Would you believe I spent most at the Disney Store. You KNOW that was not spent on ME!

The best part of all was when I got home from my weekend out.. by the way, I've not been out of town without Chad or the kids EVER.. yes, I said EVER.. anyway, when I got home the grass was mowed to perfection, the house was spotless, candles were burning and upon entering the house, there was a big sign that said WELCOME HOME MOMMY, compliments of my kids. It was precious! SO FUN


Nicki W. said...

love it! don't you just looove the georgetown mall?

Dona said...

I am SOOOO jealous! If I just didn't work weekends I would have been able to go.
Anybody up for a girl trip during the week?

Mommyof2 said...

I did not know you did this! How fun!!! Isnt it a nice escape?